Blue Sky Children's Choir

Blue Sky Children's Choir is for children who enjoy singing and performing as well as for chldren who are currently taking private voice lessons and seeking to practice their singing in a vocal ensemble. In this class, students learn styles of music that include Classical, Broadway, Pop, and Classical Chinese music. This class offers many performance opportunities. 


Time: Saturday 4:00 - 5:00 pm (Ages 5-10)

                           5:00 - 6:00 pm (Ages 11-16)

Price: $20.00/ class

Adult Choir 

The Adult Choir provides an opportunity for adults who enjoy singing in a group and want to improve their technique and performance abilities. This class is for higher level singers who can sight-read basic music and sing in two or three part harmony. There will be regular performance opportunities. 


Time: Sunday 4:00 - 5:00pm

Price: $300/ year membership

*This class is free for adults taking private lessons as well as parents who have a child taking private lessons or enrolled in Blue Sky Children's Choir

Private voice lessons are offered for individuals of all ages seeking one-on-one instruction in singing. Stress is placed upon singing in a healthy manner through the practice of posture, vocalizing, rhythm, ear training, read music, tonal quality and diction. 


The purpose of private lessons are to improve the student's

knowledge of vocal techniques. The following will be emphasized:


1. Proper alignment and breath support

2. Free tonal resonance and good articulation

3. Proper vowel placement

4. Control of dynamic level and phrases

5. Correct pronunciation of foreign languages

6. Performance and stage presence 


Wei Feng Vocal Studio offers a variety of opportunities to showcase students' singing including biannual recitals, invitational performances, and competitions.


Price: $70.00/ hour

Private Voice Lessons